String Catalogue

These string pieces are currently arranged for differing numbers of parts of varying difficulty but beginner or more advanced parts can always be added or substituted. Just let us know the make up of your group and we will arrange pieces accordingly.

The five pieces - Alarm Clock Blues, Here We Go, Feeling Plucky, Busy Day and End Of The Day Waltz all comprise The Working Day Suite. They can be performed as individual pieces in their own right or the suite would work well in it’s entirety as a more major work in a concert programme.

The three pieces for beginner string groups. “ Just for starters “, “ Let’s Begin “ and “ 3rd Beat Forfeit! “ are arranged for 2 violin parts, viola and 2 cello parts. Violin 2, viola and cello 2 parts only use open strings while violin 1 and cello 1 use all the fingers in 1st position.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss possible bespoke arrangements of these pieces then please don’t hesitate to email us at:

All the pieces can be heard by scrolling through the list and clicking on the titles in the audio player below.

There are 11 sample pieces available, scroll through the list for all the pieces.

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Alarm Clock Blues
Here We Go
Feeling Plucky
Busy Day
End Of The Day Waltz
Cloudy Day
Christmas Medley 1 for String Orchestra
Just For Starters
Let's Begin
3rd Beat Forfeit!
Vivo Positivo!